Imagine that for the first time you can explore the boundaries of your adventures like never before. FUTURE WORLD CREATOR will allow you to visit planets with futuristic metropolises, post apocalyptic territories, alien worlds or space bases. Use the spaceships to travel in other star systems.

FUTURE WORLD CREATOR is designed to visually support all Sci-Fi gaming systems (ROLE-PLAYING GAMES and BOARDGAMES).


The amount of tiles available allows you to make more than 15,000 variations of game !


All the components of FuWC (FUTURE WORLD CREATOR) have been developed with top quality materials, laminated on both sides and 2 mm thick: tiles, environmental and status tokens, characters.
Thanks to plastic lamination, you can write or draw everything you want, erase it and rewrite it, forever.
The joint system allows the total reversibility and compatibility of each tile with the others (and with Fantasy World Creator!) guaranteeing stability to the playing field.
Each tile is hand-drawn and highly detailed.
Among the various types of environmental tokens there are the buildings, composed of 2 sides: one external (roof) and an internal side (rooms) with the possibility of supporting several levels of the same building, thanks to the “floors” icons that will help you manage every move on multiple levels.
All tokens room can be used separately or multilevels to give you the opportunity to have more levels for each room.
You can mark the levels of the floors and allow each player to stay in different rooms of the same building at the same time with the use of the floor indicator.
Using felt-tip pens (fine tip) included (black green red blue) you can make your games customized with the details you prefer to improve your gaming experience.
With over 80 different characters you can set your adventures in any sci-fi background.

Each character will be a pawn version and rewritable.

The provided WEB-APP will allow you to create campaigns that can always be updated in every detail.
Share your adventures with the community or use those already shared by other users.


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